- the adventure begins -


What you are about to read was not a dream or a figment of my imagination, nor a play of my unconscious mind. I can assure you that this occurrence was real and remains to this day one of my most remarkable life experiences.


My Kundalini Awakening began in 1981 with the following unsolicited event.



Lying comfortably in my bed, exhausted after a tedious journey from Sathya Sai Baba's ashram in the south of India, I started practicing the repetition of the Gayatri Mantra, as was clearly instructed by Baba, to me, in an interview that had taken place just days before.


Within a few short minutes of recitation, I suddenly became aware that I was escaping my physical body through an invisible opening located at the top of my head. I began floating upward and was able to view my body lying restfully on the bed beneath me.  Continuing to ascend, I wondered if I was going to bump my head on the ceiling above, instead, I simply passed through it like passing through an open doorway. Within seconds, I was floating above neighborhood rooftops, city lights and way beyond - way, way beyond. Up, up, up I continued to climb and could see, in full view, the earth and her neighboring planets. I became aware that I was no longer floating, but flying at an alarming rate of speed. I possessed and exercised amazing dexterity and was able to maneuver  in and out of innumerable shining stars and fantastic celestial orbs. My emotions and appearance changed too. I was now filled with a sense of indescribable joy, boundless love and absolute fearlessness. My body had transformed itself into that of an angelic being; youthful, handsome, emblazoned with effulgent inner and outer light, emanating rays of brilliance and showers of golden sparks.


The jubilation of this blissful communion with God's Creation was soon to be overshadowed by an unseen, unknown force that  unceremoniously possessed the power to drive me back to Earth - against my will. Down, down, down I plummeted, back through the heavenly realms, back to the blue planet. Yes, Earth was approaching fast, too fast. "Oh my God," I cried to myself. "Am I going to plow head-first into Her and end up like a winged insect crossing the road at an inopportune time, a mere splat of goo smeared across a car  windshield?"


With little or no delay, I was mysteriously directed down a large crater. As I descended into the shadowy chasm, my intuition apprised me that something very big and formidable lie below. KA-BOOM!!! The impact was overwhelming and shook me to my core, I had, indeed, hit something and it was very much alive. Rudely awakened from deep slumber, this "something" quickly rose and gave chase with full fury and bound determination. By the grace of God and in a nick of time, the very same unexplained force that sent me spiraling downward was now thrusting me upward and just ahead of "whatever it was" that was after me.


Spewed from the bowels of the earth like a tiny chunk of erupting volcano, I took a deep breath and courageously looked back to view my assailant. A huge, fiery-eyed serpent, the likes of which I could have never imagined was looking directly back at me.  This mighty, snakelike figure opened its jaws and bellowed out a roar that carried an enormous electrical charge that surged throughout my entire being and promptly bolted me back into my physical body which was still lying peacefully upon my bed, unruffled and unscathed.


It would be years before I discovered this incident was to be the genesis of - My Kundalini Awakening.